Cosmoscope at Watts Gallery

Cosmoscope at Watts Gallery


Steel, programmable leds, integrated speakers

440cm high, 340cm wide, 340 cm deep


Moonscapes, Watts Gallery and Artist Village

2 April  - 23 June 2019

Cosmoscope - Simeon Nelson with Rob Godman and Nick Rothwell

Begun in 2016, Cosmoscope was a major interdisciplinary research project led by Simeon Nelson, Professor of Sculpture at the University of Hertfordshire. It brought together leading biomedical, astro and experimental physicists at University College London, Oxford University and Durham University, and psychologist Monia Brizzi.

Inspired by historical astronomical instruments and models of the cosmos, Cosmoscope presents a narrative of the origins, evolution and nature of life. The installation explores quantum, human and cosmic scales from the biomedical study of blood flowing through the human heart, to the order and disorder of atoms and molecules, to the dynamics of cosmic formation and meaning.

Accompanying Moonscapes, an exhibition that explores the interactions between art and astronomy in the late nineteenth century, Cosmoscope illustrates how the latest ideas and research in art and science continue to draw upon and inspire each other today.

Supported by the University of Hertfordshire

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