Cosmoscope Colloquium

May 10, 2017


The Cosmoscope Colloquium will be a day devoted to an interdisciplinary art and science project led by Simeon Nelson, professor of sculpture at the University of Hertfordshire that will culminate in a monumental sound and light sculpture to be premiered at the Durham Lumiere festival in November this year.

This colloquium will focus on the different areas of science, art and psychology that are coming together to create Cosmoscope. It will be a participatory working session and aims to provide a window into the mechanics of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The multiple aspects of this project are linked by questions about the human perspective and situation in the cosmos. Using the languages of mathematics and physics it embeds the human body and psyche in the wider perspectives of the very small and the very large. It is an exploration of order and disorder as complementary aspects of nature.

It will be of interest to mathematicians, physicists, biologists, creative artists and others.

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