laser cut steel plate

45 x 45 x 43 cm

  • Jerwood Sculpture Prize exhibition, Jerwood Space, 2003

Dendrite deals with nature and its representation. The tree-pattern has two versions, one more nautralistic and the other more granular or pixillated. I will combine both in the piece. By doing this I am reiterating a central philosophical concern of my practice; a debate about nature and human perception of it.  On  the one hand I see a reality of permanent change and flux, (Heraclitis, Aristotle), and on the other a more granular, atomistic one (Liebnitz, Democritus).

This work comes out of a series of previous installations of the last ten years which  occupy a complicated terrain of overlapping concerns; concerns with art, science and religion as distinct epistemologies and a questioning of the nature-culture continuum.

It is intended to sit as an artificial tree in the landscape, its bottom (digitial) half giving way to  naturalistically rendered upper(analogue) branches.