Form and Flux

Form and Flux


plywood, video, vinyl, paint, willow



University of Hertfordshire Gallery

Photography by Inna Allen

In the inescapable flux, there is something that abides;
in the overwhelming permanence, there is an element that escapes into flux.
A N Whitehead, Process and Reality

This is an exhibition of new laser cut sculpture alongside compositions made from vinyl text and free-standing video works inspired by my ongoing interest in process philosophy. In the process view things are events in a world of constant change; the connected and evolving forms in this show explore this idea of continual movement and ever changing relations.

Building on my research over many years into quantum science, chaos and complex systems theory, these works envision a world of interrelated events and ceaseless flux that nevertheless gives rise to enduring things.

Text Works
The four text circles are distillations of dialectic questioning on the interplay of matter and pattern - the odd fact that a within is always the without of another within - the inseparability and boundlessness of what is called a thing. Where do things end? The font used is Filirator, based on the original by Rudolph Steiner it was part of the aesthetic schema of Anthroposophy. I use it here to problematise the idea of getting hitched to a particular belief system as an answer rather than a question.

Video Sculptures
The two video works in the show embody a notion of ceaseless flux and fragile balance of order and disorder. They are displayed as video sculptures inspired by the Constructivist multimedia agitprop kiosks of Gustav Klutsis and Valentina Kulagina.

Plenum/Anarchy/Cosmoscope Showreel documents three large scale public works dealing with order, disorder and disease on cosmic, human and quantum scales.
Link to Plenum
Link to Anarchy in the Organism
Link to Cosmoscope

Panta Rhei was shot by pointing my camera into the waters of the docks and quays of Canary Wharf. Under the right conditions of light and wind shimmering reflections of the corporate towers and defunct dockside cargo cranes appear; a fluid meditation on the passage of time and the impermanence of things.
Link to video

Wall Sculptures
The four laser-cut plywood wall sculptures - Daimon, Holarchy, Moko and Attractor use a limited colour palette to emphasise the repeating structures. The works organise themselves into geometric emanating patterns which suggest they are components of a larger network. They occupy a space between 2 and 3D, between drawing and construction.

A Daimon is ambivalent, neither good or evil and is the name for elemental trans-personal forces like anger, grief, love, hatred in Greek philosophy and drama.

Arthur Koestler’s notion of Holarchy refers to a relational and decentralized system of holons; both parts and wholes that reconcile atomistic and holistic approaches. In contrast to a rigid linear hierarchy its parts can be seen to contain aspects of whole as much as the whole contains the parts.

Moko refers to Maori facial tattooing, the elements of this work are like a relief wall drawing or tattoo propagating over the wall.

Attractor is an interacting two part system, each element giving rise to the other, each providing context for the other in a dance of attraction and repulsion. Neither can exist without the other.


List of Works 

1. Daimon  2019
240cm x 110cm x 7.2cm
laser cut birch ply, dye, shellac

2. Holarchy 2019
125cm x 125cm x 21cm
laser-cut birch ply, dye, paint

3. Moko 2019
14 elements each 56cm x 37cm x 3cm
Overall dimension variable depending on arrangement
laser cut birch ply, paint

4. Attractor 2019
178cm x 130cm x 3.6cm
laser cut birch ply, dye, shellac

5. Mamamandala 2019
200cm x 200cm wall text
self adhesive vinyl

6. Out of the World 2019
150cm x 150cm wall text
self adhesive vinyl

7. No Thing All Boundary 2019
110cm x 110cm wall text
self adhesive vinyl

8. Altercracy 2019
70cm x 70cm wall text
self adhesive vinyl

9. Panta Rhei 2019
200cm x 70cm x 180cm
Planed willow video stand
1080p video, 55” LED monitor, media player, stereo speakers,

10. Plenum/Anarchy in the Organism/Cosmoscope (showreel2011-19
200cm x 70cm x 180cm
Planed willow video stand
1080p video, 55” LED monitor, media player, stereo speakers,


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