laser cut plywood, paint



Commission for the Biomedical Research Centre, level 15 Guys Hospital Tower, London

Four new works  for the Biomedical Research Centre, level 15 Guys Hospital Tower, London, Commissioned by Guys and St Thomas's Charity
1. Meiosis,  c. 100 x 100 cms
2. Lymphic  c. 100 x 100 cms
3. Chreode c. 160 x 100 cms
4. Dendrite c. 90 x 90 cms
They operate optically, as they are in low relief under glass, there will be shadows and an engaging visual rhythm which is intended to draw the eye.
They are ambiguous topographies. They could be contour maps of landscapes as much as their immediate references which are cellular structures in the body, dendritic neurons, cell division and dendritic immune cells.
My intention  with these works is to both isolate an element like a cell but to re-embed it in a an optical field of operation, I am trying to both isolate particular structures and iconise them into comprehensible imagery and at the same time refute the notion of simple location and see a particular identifiable entity as an actor in a wider network, an event or process rather than a 'thing'.
Collection of Guys and St Thomas Hospital Trust