Oceanic Endless

Oceanic Endless


4 speakers, 4 channels, applied paintwork

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth in collaboration with Simeon Nelson

Installation at Cardinia Life aquatic centre, Melbourne

Oceanic Endless is a combination of soundscape and applied paintwork which transforms the architectural wave of the Cardinia Life aquatic centre. The wave-like entrance now constantly reminds us of water renewal in the natural environment and the human consumption of natural resources.

You hear the sudden power of blowholes, the delicate tracings of rivulets, the arrival of rain and the directional rush of a waterfall.

On the underside of the ceiling, branches of a tree extend into water channels, each ending with an enlarged droplet suspended from the curved ceiling. Visitors are invited to move around the space and experience the unique audio effects produced by the sound travelling across the curved ceiling.

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