MDF, Laminate

dimensions variable

Progettomoderno Commission

Progettomoderno, Pianca Furniture Company, Treviso,  Italy

Curated by Vivien Lovell, Modus Operandi Art Consultants
These furniture prototypes derive their structure largely from the Fibbonacci Series and other mathematical sequences. They are scalar, repeating the same structure at different scales.

They are spatially dynamic and share an underlying topology, i.e. they all share similar properties of form but clothed in different styles and surface finishes

They share many formal properties with organic structures such as bee-hives, the branching ratios of plants but stylistically are reminiscent of 1960’s Italian design and other technologically inspires aesthetics. Arte Povera has a tangential influence on these objects evidenced in their optical qualities and a dialogue between nature and culture that they seek to engage with.